A Great Place to Gather in the Munising Bay

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As Michiganders and travelers begin to plan their summer vacations, the Falling Rock would like to kick off the unofficial start of the season with a song in our hearts and a spring in our step. The only catch is that once you hear the song, you can’t stop singing it, but desperately wish you could!

Welcome to the Falling Rock Café! A great place to gather in the Munising Bay…

Ah, the tried-and-true jingle. Love it or hate it, the jingle is simple and straightforward messaging that represents a kind of wholesomeness and dependability that grows on you—kinda like the U.P. It makes sense, then, that we had a jingle commissioned for the Falling Rock Café written and recorded by local favorite—and true Yooper himself—Derrell Syria!

Derrell is the head of DSP (Derrell Syria Project) and Conga Se Menne, and co-owner of Sandwood Jingles. He’s a life-long musician living in Marquette, performing locally and abroad with his unique style of original “Finnish Reggae” music along with a variety of re-arranged covers.

In a place known to set records for most snowfall and the coldest winters, Derrell says about his music, “You have to do something to keep warm,” and he’s got to be one of the most warm-hearted guys in the U.P. He’s super loyal, too. As soon as he’s finished playing at the Falling Rock, he’ll call us the next day for another gig. Maybe that’s because his calendar fills up so quickly or because he just loves playing at the café, but regardless, Derrell has never let us down. He’s been playing at the café since 2004 and is a regular on our live music and events calendar. He’s played for us for benefits and other important events and is always here when he says he will be. He is a favorite here at the FRC!

You can find Derrell just about anywhere around town where there’s live music, as well as online:

Heikki Lunta
Conga Se Menne
Derrell Syria Project

Thank you, Derrell for keeping the humble jingle alive, and thank you to Lily and Nolan Dixon for your tongue-in-cheek participation to present “Munising’s Living Room” in a fun and creative way. The U.P. is definitely a place where the days gone by are still going on. We hope that you appreciate the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as much as we do and all it has to offer.

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