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Although we have not seen much of it yet, Yoopers know snow—and we know it is coming! When it does, it’s going to stick around for a while. You and your family might appreciate this nifty, fleece, head warming hat that we have discovered. It’s called the Yooper Chook, and is available both in-store and in our online shop at the Falling Rock Café and Bookstore!

The hidden face band is the secret. Just pull it down to warm your neck, or adjust it over your face when it gets really chilly. The seamstress and designer Cynthia Dorie for Yooper Chook says, “My brothers asked me, in the same week, to make them a practical and warm hat to help them cope with snow blowing. They dreaded the chore and felt I could help out. So I got to thinking—always a dangerous endeavor—and that got me to drawing and sewing. Within a week, I had made 15 different hats… yet found myself always going back to the very first prototype.” Often the simplest design is the best one, and this is one of those cases. Soft, simple, and warm.


designed in upper michigan Yooper Chook Cynthia DorieMakes a great gift


Designed in Upper Michigan Nancy wearing Yooper ChookNancy and Her Yooper Chook


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