Congratulations College Graduates!

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falling rock cafe and bookstore munising congratulations graduatesStop in and visit the Falling Rock Café on your way to—and from—graduation ceremonies and receive a free coffee for your parents and any other special people who have helped you get through the college experience! We have loved meeting you and getting to know you as you dropped in for coffee and ice cream over the years.

A recap of some of our fond memories:

falling rock cafe munising michigan coffeeWe first met when you were a junior or senior in high school, stopping in on your way to or from the college tours. We listened to your thoughts on which major—and which college—to choose.

We then saw you on your way to your first semester: a little nervous, but excited, and trying to look nonchalant about saying good bye to your bedroom, your friends and your families.

A few days later, we saw your parents on their way back through after saying goodbye, a little shell shocked and trying to look brave, but wondering how they’ll get through the day without making your lunch or giving you a hug, or trying to talk to you through headphones.

We saw the excitement as they drove back in May to pick you up for summer at home.

We chatted when you drove over to Munising for a hike with some friends. We asked, “How’s it going in college?”

We met you again when you were stranded in Munising during a snowstorm when M28 was shut down. We helped you find a hotel, and you wrote a nice review on Google about how we helped you. Your parents even wrote us a nice thank you note!

You worked for us for the summer, living above the café and scooping endless ice cream cones and steaming hundreds of lattes while collecting wages and tips to get you through another semester.

And now we finally have the chance to see you on this important occasion to say Congratulations! and Good Luck! on your future endeavors.

We hope you will keep in touch and let us know how you’re doing in your new careers and new towns! We also hope you’ll come back to Munising and the Falling Rock Café and Bookstore for a visit and feel like you’re coming home. And always remember the real heroes—your parents and other special people—who helped you get to this point.

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