Falling Rock Jamboree II Fundraiser

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Please join us this weekend for our second annual Falling Rock Jamboree on Saturday, Feb. 25 from 7:00–9:00pm at the Falling Rock Café and Bookstore! The Falling Rock Jamboree is a group of musicians from the Old Time Jam, the Acoustic Jam, and the newly formed Ukulele Group. This event is a fundraiser to support Alger County’s Market Walk Program.


falling rock jamboree II alger county market walk program falling rock cafe and bookstore munising


Don Snitgen is the inspiration behind the Jamboree. He’s a retired NMU professor and—besides taking up music in his retirement—he also works as a blacksmith, selling his popular blacksmithing products in our cafe. Don was the first person to get these jam sessions started, and it is their second performance.

Don first asked us if he could play flute during lunchtime at the café, which was so well received that he decided to see if local musicians wanted to get together for an open jam session on Wednesday evenings when we were already open late for art classes. That grew so much that we now have 2 open jam sessions: an Old Time Jam on Wednesdays and an Acoustic Jam session on Mondays. Locals play games while listening to music and the art students work on their projects nearby with the art instructor.

There’s now a local Ukulele group who will be part of the Jamboree too! They participated in our first Ukulele workshop this past Sunday at the café. We love having these open jam sessions at the Falling Rock and the way it fills up the café with energy and joy. We want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the musicians for sharing their talents with us on Monday and Wednesday evenings!


falling rock jamboree II alger county market walk program falling rock cafe and bookstore munising ukulele group


Market Walk is a FREE program where Alger County residents and Tribal members walk to earn tokens to be redeemed for locally grown fruits and vegetables at the Munising Farmer’s Market. The Alger Wellness Coalition, Sault Ste Marie Tribe, and the Munising Artisan’s Farmer’s Market are partnering to provide local residents an environment to be more physically active and eat more locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Participants walk at the Sault St Marie Tribe Health Center Walking Track located upstairs at 615 W. Munising Ave. between the hours of 4:30–8:00pm Monday through Friday, starting Feb 27th and ending on April 28th, 2017. For every mile walked, participants will receive a token worth $1.00 from the track attendant. Tokens can then be redeemed at the Munising Farmer’s Market located at Bayshore Park on Tuesdays from 4:00–7:00pm May through October.




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