Pea Coats, Passion and Poetry

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I always wanted to be just like my older sisters! Three years older than me, Jeanette (Jet) was silly and energetic, kind and loving. She was incredibly popular at school, was on the kickline dance team, and was great at getting Mom to let us younger kids do fun things! She inspired me to go to nursing school and she was the one who knew I was moving to the U.P. before I even knew it. Her intuition and perceptiveness is one of her best qualities!

And she had a navy pea coat that I loved! An image of her in that coat is imprinted on my mind—and my heart. Pea coats were popular back in the ’70s, and despite all the hand me downs I usually ended up with, somehow I missed out on the pea coat. So when pea coats became popular again, I jumped at the chance to finally have my own! I need it up here in the U.P. and think of Jeanette every time I wear it.

Now Jeanette has her own lifestyle and wellness website and has written a beautiful book of poetry, Sage Words. We are each other’s biggest fans!

gluten free sage falling rock cafe sage words poetry book

When I got married 15 years ago, she was so thin and tired—it frightened me. Nobody knew what was wrong with her. Soon after, she was diagnosed with celiac disease. After multiple iron transfusions and working out a new diet, she became healthy again!

Within the past year she became inspired to share her story and her new healthy lifestyle through her website, Gluten Free Sage. She writes heartfelt blogs and whimsical poetry to help others be well and feel inspired. She collaborates with Kristen Alden of North Coast Post to create content and design the wonderful graphics. And she has animated videos of her poetry created from the hand drawn illustrations in her book—by artist Kimberly Taylor-Pestell!

She cheers me on in my venture as a café owner and I admire her beautiful writing and her passion to educate people about healthy lifestyles—regardless of if you require a gluten free diet. She’s the one who inspired me to provide gluten free options at my cafe. Soon I began expanding to vegetarian and paleo options. Now the Falling Rock Café is known for our healthy options and choices for people with food allergies.

I still want to be just like her! I even feel a little bit like her when I wear my pea coat.

gluten free sage falling rock cafe sage words poetry book

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