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Chris and Amanda got married on a beautiful beach in San Diego on November 5th. On the morning of the wedding, the bride and all the bridesmaids were getting ready on the 19th floor of the Hyatt. Jeff and I were on the 21st.

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I was on one of the many errands I made back and forth that day between the floors. While waiting outside the door that said “DO NOT ENTER UNLESS YOU ARE A BRIDESMAID”, I took a quick look at my phone. A friend forwarded us an email with an attachment.




Whatever you call it, it was a very meaningful email to receive on the day of our daughter’s wedding!

It was from Patty. She and her husband Cliff are regulars at our live music Open Jam Sessions we have every week at the café. As I started to read the attachment, I realized it was a piece written by my friend and local author Suzanne Tietjen.


“On winter Saturday nights in the frozen Upper Peninsula of Michigan, people gather at The Falling Rock Cafe for an eclectic schedule of concerts. The staff lines up a bunch of mismatched dining, easy and rocking chairs in rows facing a spotlighted area that serves as a stage.

We who live year-round in the small northern town hold on to each other for support. It’s cold here, and there’s lots of snow. Many live alone in isolated cabins with no one to talk to. We look forward to Saturdays with the owners give out hugs and shake hands before we all settle down to hear something beautiful together.”


It was then I remembered Suzanne had asked if she had my permission to include Falling Rock in one of her daily devotions in the “Guideposts Mornings with Jesus, 2016” publication. This was months ago.

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Her November 5th entry celebrates the community that forms at our café. How serendipitous that her thoughts about our café ended up on a day so special to us! Amanda and Chris both worked at the café. Amanda even spent a summer as our manager while Chris completed a very successful internship at the local paper mill.

Amanda’s sister, Rebecca, and all the cousins also worked at the café. In between working long hours, we grilled out, went water skiing and inner tubing, and spent time at Pictured Rocks. It’s just what we hoped the café would be—a place for locals and tourists to call home and a place where our children and families could also feel as if they belong here.

I call that a Godincidence. Definitely a Godincidence!

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You can buy Suzanne’s book online, or come in to the Falling Rock on a winter Saturday night to warm up, listen to live music, and pick up your copy in our bookstore.

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