Holiday Coffee Gifts from Great Lakes Coffee Co.

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There are few things people take more seriously than coffee. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures! Even if you aren’t a regular coffee drinker, chances are someone is on your holiday list who’d appreciate one of our holiday coffee gifts!

holiday coffee gifts single origin flavored coffee blends

The gift of coffee is always appreciated, yet picking the perfect roast isn’t always easy. But no worries, we’ve done the shopping for you! The Falling Rock Café and Bookstore has our single origin and classic coffee blends, as well as limited edition holiday flavors from Great Lakes Coffee Company—hand roasted in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula—that all make great gifts!


Single Origin and Coffee Blends

Munising Morning – A blend of beans from South America that make for a delightful Breakfast Blend with a vibrant taste of fruity and floral notes. Light body, with a very clean finish, which makes for a great cup of coffee to wake up with! This would also make a great gift for anyone that enjoys drinking light to medium roast coffees.  $11.50  ORDER ONLINE
Lake Superior Blend – A solid medium roast blending in some of the furthest beans from around the world! This blend includes beans from Indonesia and South America. Makes for a very unique heavy bodied rich earth overtone cup of coffee! It’s the perfect cup for the person that loves a solid, medium roast coffee. $11.50  ORDER ONLINE
Captain Dan’s – In this roast we use beans from Africa and South America which give it some interesting characteristics. This coffee tends to have a strong bold upfront taste with an aftertaste of some smooth, subtle fruity earthy notes (which we use in our Espressos).  $11.50  ORDER ONLINE
Grand Island Roast – (Classic French Roast) Bold rich body right off the bat with this coffee. As you drink it you will find it has subtle smokey notes hidden in the body of this coffee. finishes with a very clean feel, no bitter or harsh after taste!  All around winner for anyone who appreciates or just wants an all around great dark roast coffee.  $11.50  ORDER ONLINE
Great Lakes Coffee Co. Decaf – This decaf bean goes through the Swiss Water Method, which uses solely water and osmosis to decaffeinate beans. There are no chemicals from the decaffeination  process, like most other decafs go through. A great tasting Decaf!  $11.50  ORDER ONLINE


Flavored Coffees and Limited Edition Holiday Coffee Gifts

hazelnut coffee great lakes coffee company holiday coffee giftsHazelnut – Not too bitter and not too sweet, this medium roasted coffee has a rich, nutty flavor and a lovely full-bodied aroma. A flavored classic!  $11.50   ORDER ONLINE

Winter Wonderland – This new holiday blend features the sweetness of island coconut and caramel with a hint of fresh-roasted hazelnuts. The perfect accompaniment to your holiday festivities.  $11.50   ORDER ONLINE

Snickerdoodle – Lightly roasted for a mild coffee flavor with a dash of cinnamon and spice. Rich, nutty, and wholesome, just like the classic home-baked cookie!  $11.50   ORDER ONLINE

Bayou Brew – This holiday blend is for those who enjoy a bit of “southern comfort” when sipping on their morning, afternoon or evening coffee. One sip of this brew with its taste of aged bourbon and the comforting feeling of warm, roasted pecans will send you to a rocking chair by the fire.  $11.50   ORDER ONLINE

Holiday Grogg – Have a cup of holiday cheer with this delightful blend of rum, caramel and chocolate that’s like drinking hot chocolate on a chilly night. Top it with freshly whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder for a truly decadent treat!  $11.50   ORDER ONLINE

Toffee – Our toffee coffee is a great blend of rich toffee flavor roasted into the bean. Fashioned after the holiday candy classic, this blend captures the caramelized sugar taste of this buttery confectionery treat.  $11.50   ORDER ONLINE


Falling Rock Café Mug Club Membership

Another great holiday gift when shopping for that special friend or family member is a Falling Rock Café Lifetime Membership in our Mug Club. The Lifetime Membership is available to anyone from anywhere in the world… and believe me, we have an international mug club! The one-time, life membership fee is $50.00, and with it comes delicious brewed coffee made to order from a regional roaster, teas of all kinds, and hot chocolate.

A gift certificate will be mailed to the recipient acknowledging the date of purchase and member’s name and mug number. Members are then charged only $1.00 when visiting our café for unlimited refills.




falling rock cafe coffee mug club lifetime membership holiday coffee gifts

We found that our coffee is inherently what connects people to the Falling Rock Cafe, so we created Great Lakes Coffee Company with the goal of bringing the finest, freshest coffees from around the world to the Upper Peninsula. We started the coffee company back in 2002 when we first bought the building, and incorporated the name Great Lakes Coffee Company because we became so enamored with the area ever since we bought our cabin on Powell Lake in 2001.

We wanted to name our coffees after the places we began to love so much, and the Captain Dan’s name came from a former Great Lakes Coffee Co. partner we had early on in business. She named it after her husband Dan, who passed away suddenly. He loved Lake Superior, was an avid outdoorsman, and skied in the Noquemenon race. He had true grit and loved dark roast, so it was only fitting to name our Espresso after him.

We buy our coffee from a father-son team based in Escanaba, with the exception of our flavored coffees which we buy from the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. We replaced our Ambex roaster with a Diedrich coffee roaster in June of 2016 and will continue to use that brand for future use. They are great machines!

The Falling Rock Café and Bookstore is a big supporter of Michigan made products and gifts and is committed to celebrating all that is great about Michigan, and encouraging others to share in its bounty! Our beautiful state is full of gifted, talented and hard-working people who produce outstanding goods and merchandise; many of whom run their own cottage industries and, in many cases, are literally working out of their own homes.

Please support your local communities by shopping at small businesses this holiday season! When you’re thinking about gift giving, there’s no better way to show your gratitude and appreciation for friends, family and the entire community than by shopping local for the holidays.

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