Michigan Made in the Upper Peninsula

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We are proud to support Michigan made and grown products at the Falling Rock! From the local authors in our bookstore, to the art and jewelry handcrafted in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to the specialty items on our menu, we love to promote the talents of the people who reside in our local communities!

This month, the Falling Rock Café and Bookstore is featuring 2 local Michigan-made menu items: mild and hot salsa made by Yooper Salsa, and our fresh smoked whitefish caught daily by VanLandschoot Fish House, which is under new ownership. Our smoked whitefish meals are a trademark of the Falling Rock Café. Some wait all winter to get their favorite smoked whitefish menu item and some try it their first day in town, then order it every day for the rest of the week!


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YOOPER SALSA, Munising: All natural and fresh never-canned salsa is great with our breakfast burritos and served up as an appetizer with a basket of tortilla chips! We also carry Yooper Salsa to go in 12 ounce containers great for boating, hiking and picnics in the U.P.! Terry Creamer and Scott Kusmerik are the two behind Yooper Salsa, an authentic family recipe that has been handed down through generations of Yoopers over the past 30 years!

Order: P.O. Box 201; 906-241-8897; www.yoopersalsa.com

VANLANDSCHOOT & SONS FISH HOUSE, Munising: Two popular items on the Falling Rock menu are our Smoked Whitefish Bagel and Smoked Whitefish Salad, which we get from Munising locals VanLandschoot & Sons Fish House, fresh off the boat daily. VanLandschoot & Sons have been commercial fishing the Great Lakes for over 100 years, and new owner Dennis VanLandschoot is very excited to start the summer season. In addition to the smoked whitefish, they have fresh salmon, lake trout and walleye as well. Their boats go out daily and you can get your fish whole, filleted, smoked or, if you like something different, in a sausage!

Order: 1338 Commercial St.; 906-387-3851; www.vsifish.com



Did you know that to buy local supports the people who live and work in our communities, as well as throughout the state? According to the consulting firm Civic Economics, which has studied the impact of local purchases on the economies of a number of U.S. communities, every dollar we spend on local products and services returns three times more money to the local economy than the money we spend on the same products and services through national chains. That means a LOT to local independent businesses like ourselves!

As always, the Falling Rock appreciates your patronage and support of our café and bookstore, as well as your support of the vibrant, unique community of Munising’s artists, authors and local businesses! Thank you!


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