We’re All In This Together

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Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution that you just KNEW was the best one ever? That you knew you’d keep and would make you a star among family and friends? That would change your life and your outlook? You can almost see the NEW YOU right there in front of you. Me too!


New Year’s resolutions don’t always turn out as planned, but this year is our year, and the Falling Rock Café and Bookstore needs your help! Because we’ll be sticking to the same resolutions, we can regularly check in with each other, and have fun doing something together! It’s a win-win!

Our 2017 goals at the Falling Rock are:
  • To stock books you can’t resist purchasing
  • Highlight the most creative and talented Michigan artisans in our art gallery space with products you want to fill your home with
  • Host musicians that will get you tapping your feet and filling up the chairs on Saturday nights
  • Creating and preparing the tastiest sandwiches and lattes you’ll keep coming back for
  • Showing you the BEST service and hospitality around so you feel like family and will keep visiting us every day
Now it’s your turn! Here’s what we need from you:
  • Tell us which books you want to see on our shelves
  • Recommend your favorite Michigan artist to us
  • Send us a DVD of your band and book a Saturday night gig
  • Let us know which are your favorite sandwiches or lattes, or which ones you wish we would make for you
  • Join the mug club and keep in touch on Facebook, email, or in person so we can keep you as part of our Falling Rock family


We consider all of you special for different reasons. We love meeting the tourists from all over the world. We enjoy our reunions with the seasonal residents, but hate to say goodbye at the end of the season. We hope our flying flags, potted plants, and benches entice the passers-through to stop and take a break from their road trip. And finally, where would we be without the locals who hang out with us every day, using their mug clubs, giving us hugs, and catching us up on the latest news?!

We need you.

It’s essential to the Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore for you, tourists, to tell us what makes your time with us extraordinary and comfortable. We need you, passers-through, to let us know what you want for a quick and easy stop. We want you, seasonal residents, to tell us what you wait for all year—knowing you can catch-up on whatever it is you’re missing. And last but not least, we need you, locals, to give us input on what makes us “Superior” and what we should highlight from the Upper Peninsula to the visitors that join us every season!

Let’s make these New Years resolutions together as a family. Please contribute ideas and share your suggestions with us, as YOU are a necessary part of our success! Thank you!

Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore