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Signed - City Of Secrets - Broken Kingdom Series Book II

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The kingdom is in shambles. Her heart's no better. Will Ellie's fight to save her sister, and her kingdom, end in blood?

Ellie is getting married. Prince Aden has promised her a new life with a fresh start - something Micah couldn't give her -and putting away Micah and the past is exactly what she needs . . . right? But when the palace is attacked, Ellie is separated from her youngest sister and sent to a strange new world. 

Thrown into Modern Realm, Chicago, Illinois-not only; the cars, buildings, and cell phones are confusing, but so are Ellie's wavering feelings for Micah. With a broken portal and more unraveling secrets, it's hard not to allow bitterness to take over. But Ellie must put that aside, get back to the Enchanted World, and then save her sister, and the rest of the kingdom.

Can Ellie overcome her bitterness to defeat the evil that's coming? Will she get back to her sister before it's too late?

The second installment of The Broken Kingdom Series becomes more twisty and captivating at every turn of the page. Grab your copy today, and dive back into this secret-filled world!

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