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Signed - Kingdom Of Lies - Broken Kingdom Series Book I

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Ellie Parrish wants to be left alone. After failing to save her sister from the Dark Witch, grief has made her cold.

But now, her youngest sister needs saving. Through adoption, Ellie may be able to free her of their parents' abuse, but in Terra, an unwed woman cannot adopt.

A proposal of marriage from her best friend, Micah, is tempting in so many ways. But his love is only a reminder of what she's incapable of giving: her heart.

However, after a run-in with the Prince of Terra, Ellie may have another option. As a commoner in a competition to win the crown, Ellie plans to fake-court the prince, then convince him to change the law. She'll just need to keep herself from falling for him while doing so.

But with darkness breaching the palace walls and whispers of the Dark Witch's return, will Ellie be able to fight the coming evil, or will her stay at the palace end in blood?

Kingdom of Lies is the first book in The Broken Kingdom YA Fantasy Series that features broken characters, surprising plot twists, closed-door romance with a fade-to-black scene, and as always, a happily ever after

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