The Many Names of a Manager

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Falling Rock Café Manager Eli KovarAmbassador of good will and cheer! Johnny on the spot! The Energizer Bunny!

These are names that customers, friends, and other employees have attached to our Café Manager Eli Kovar. A life long Yooper with family roots in Menominee, Eli has been working since he was a young teenager. We know he has had some very good role models because his work ethic is outstanding. His nicknames have proven to be true . . he is positive, energetic, and passionate about his work as well as conscientious, determined, and organized. Even though he was raised in the U.P. and loves the outdoor activities of every Upper Michigan season, you will recognize him by his Boston Red Sox ball cap. A fan since childhood, it is a great conversation starter with both locals and visitors.

This begins his third year as our manager. I first met him at the career fair at Northern Michigan University as he was graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. There was a snow advisory that day but I went anyway in the hopes that I would find a manager. I sure am glad I drove through those white out conditions! Eli adapted quickly to our “non-franchise” way of doing things. Even someone with a naturally flexible approach to life would have been startled with the need for frequent adaptations in a rapidly changing tourist environment. But Eli quickly jumped in, learning the ropes, not only working around my and Jeff’s changes/ideas but giving lots of input and ideas on ways to improve, grow, and change. He has helped oversee the building and installation of a new walk in freezer and the purchase and learning of a new Point of Sale system and has taken over scheduling, inventory, ordering, training, interviewing, and hiring. Not to mention the day to day operations of keeping everything stocked, cleaned, restocked, and all customers served with a smile and a joke!

One customer said he wanted to harness Eli’s energy and use it for fuel or sell it. Another asked if he was a military commander! How has Eli enhanced your experience at The Falling Rock?  

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