Things Found Inside Books

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Created from things found inside books, the “Stories Within Stories” installation is a collection of treasures that tell the stories of moments and memories saved and forgotten. Representative of other times, places and lives, each piece invites imagination and gives a glimpse into another world. Somehow or another however, all of these items have found their way to this place, and are now connected to this space and to each other. We invite you to connect with them as well as their stories cross paths with your own.



things found inside booksthings found inside booksthings found inside booksthings found inside booksthings found inside books


Alexa KusAbout the Artist

Originally from Michigan, Alexa Kus currently lives in Chicago where she works with a variety of mediums. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics in 2013 from Western Michigan University where she also received a Bachelors degree in Organizational Communication. She has experience as Exhibitions Intern at the Broad MSU, Gallery Assistant at the Richmond Center for Visual Arts, Intern at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center, and Art Instructor for the Boys and Girls Club Summer Arts Academy. Her work has been shown throughout Michigan and is beginning to be recognized more broadly in places such as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Granada, Nicaragua.


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